Vaga para Sénior de Saúde Segurança e meio Ambiente (SASOL)
Vaga para Sénior de Saúde Segurança e meio Ambiente (SASOL)

24 outubro, 2017

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Purpose of the job:

This role is accountable to interpret and implement the Sasol SHE strategy into a Mozambique regional strategy and then achieve this strategy by enabling and getting results through: own staff; line management; contractors and service providers – this is achieved by governance, organisation, integrating SHE into other business processes, audits, training and awareness, developing the organisations conscience and providing assurance of compliance.


The incumbent must also interpret how the “External Environment” could / will impact the Mozambique “environment” and incorporate this into the Mozambique strategic objectives. The effective execution of the Mozambique SHE strategy and plan is a business imperative.


This role is also responsible for the sourcing and operational utilisation (management) of suitable and adequate SHE resources for Various Projects – the resources are provided through various service providers. The additional resources are required to ensure an effective SHE service to Mozambique for the various operations, sub-assets and projects in order to enable the achievement of the SHE philosophy and Safety ambitions when there is insufficient internal capacity.


Section 1:  General Job Detail

  • B Engineering or equivalent
  • B Tech Safety Management or equivalent
  • SHE qualification
  • Business Qualification (B/Com, MBA recommended)


Job requirements:

  • 10-15 years relevant experience.
  • Experienced in dealing with a wide stakeholder group of internal and external parties.
  • Excellent track record in the provision of safety thought leadership.
  • SHE legislations (MHSA, OHS, NEMA, NWA, NPRDA).
  • Project Management.


Position Summary

1.  Relationship Management

  • Act as link between all SHE activities in operations and projects in the Mozambique area and the E&PI Exco for SHE related matters.
  • Liaise and coordinate cross-BU SHE activities in the Mozambique area.
  • Participate, lobby and network with other organizations, departments and disciplines to ensure effective sustainable SHE management and co-ordinates and guides the development of SHE strategies and policies for sub-assets, Operations and projects and enable the organization to achieve it.
  • Ensure coordination and collaboration with Mozambique area SHE and SHE center for two-way sharing of best practices with other locations.
  • Ensure effective relations with E&PI direct and indirect customers, SHE core, Head of SHE PSS, sub-discipline heads within PSS and SHE sub-ordinate staff within BU and PSS.


2)  General Management

  • Manage and enable the achievement of Safety, Security, Environmental Management and Health strategy, tactical plans and activities. Develop an integrated approach to deliver Safe Work including addressing culture and behaviour.
  • Provide inputs into the Sasol SHE strategy, and interpret SHE Core strategy for the Mozambique area. Formulate a Mozambique SHE strategy and plan and manage execution there-off.
  • Management of Change:  Any changes that can impact safety are recognized and addressed in a methodical, step-wise and planned manner.
  • Service provider’s management of international contractors:  Ensure management commitment, due diligences, gap analysis, alignment of SHE standards and performance.  Instigate, review and implement results from any necessary audits.
  • Formulate and manage BU SHE budget. Ensure optimisation of BU and SHE PSS resources.
  • Ensure sufficient SHE service management capacity within SHE structure for various operations, projects in Mozambique. There are usually multiple projects running at the same time across the Mozambique area  – the projects are resourced via 3rd party vendors or manpower suppliers and needs to be inducted and managed according to Sasol SHE standards.
  • Establish training needs for Mozambique area SHE staff members, based on individual performance management results and future SHE strategic and operational business requirements. Formulate PDPs for subordinate employees. Monitor execution of PDPs. Monitor individual competence improvement.


3) Environmental Management

  • Maintain EIA, EMP requirements and manage environmental related legal “licenses to operate” in Mozambique. Enable sustainable operations, zero environmental incidents and legal compliance
  • Determine Asset Retirement Obligations/Environmental Liability.



4) Occupational Hygiene and Health management

  • Enable Occupational Hygiene and Health managers, clinic staff, etc in Mozambique. Enable health and hygiene risk management for Mozambiiques. Ensure legal compliance.
  • Required entry years of relevant experience:
  • Ensure that the various contractors/service providers employed meet “fitness for work” requirements.


5)  Safety and Security Management:

  • Ensure SHE related governance including  the development, implementation and maintenance of safety, security policies, practice systems and standards that will ensure a “safe work” environment.
  • Ensure/Enable safety leadership in order to ensure the objective of zero harm. Enable risk based aproach “event preventors”.
  • Develop governance and delivery enabling tools for the safety and security management process.
  • Enable the safety value to be internalised so that a safety ethic is established throughout Mozambique area. Ensure governance with regards to SHE-related risk management practices and comply with the Sasol risk framework.
  • Act as Risk Owner for SHE, identify and appoint Risk Champions where necessary, enable risk effectiveness and reporting by control owners
  • Ensure that SHE operates in compliance to all internal, external and legislative requirements for Mozambique.
  • Crisis and emergency management – ensure country specific procedures are in place.  Enable contracts with international organisations for “well blow out”, oil spill response, piracy, hijackings, country evacuation and medical evacuations.
  • Incident reporting and investigation:  Ensure due process followed to ensure reporting, investigation and follow-up.  Ensure immediate response and redress is applied to prevent repeat events whist investigating the first.
  • Annually evaluate IMS requirements, systems requirements, and user capabilities into Mozambique SHE strategy and plan requirements. Conduct regular data and reporting quality evaluations. Pro-actively launch interventions to address foreseen short comings.
  • Formulate a comprehensive annual SHE Communication plan for Mozambique SHE. Ensure effective communication within SHE PSS as well as with all stakeholders.


6.  Relationships / Contacts / Communication

  • This Position is located in Mozambique for the E&PI Business Unit.
  • The role is responsible to implement and execute the Group and BU SHE functional strategy that is provided from/via  T&OS SHE.
  • Coordinate the Mozambique SHE delivery and “influence” service providers.
  • The role performs the administration of all Mozambicaue area SHE governance related activities.
  • The external environment also plays a key role in shaping the Mozambique specific SHE strategy and the incumbent needs to have a wide network for information/ intelligence gathering and attend various industry representative forums especially in Mozambique and the region.
  • Long term +20 years plus for environmental impact, closure or asset retirement obligations including project/ asset life cycle planning and liabilit costing.
  • 2–5 years for Succession Planning / Resource Planning, SHE Strategy, and SHE licensing applications and renewals.
  • Annually for budgets
  • Annually for SHE Tactical plans plans.
  • Toolbox Talks
  • SHE /Safety interventions (Time out)
  • Emergency response / Incident Management


7.  Unit Measures

  • Mozambique area


8.  Activities Suppliers Services

  • Management. Within Mozambique there is a requirement to use locals and local service providers and these capabilities need to be developed and governed
  • Many active Service Provider companies supplying service provider staff to E&PI which require due diligences, management commitment interventions and  SHE plans
  • SHE plans/files (Safety & Health Risk, Environmental Impact Assessments, SH&E training and audits and compliance checks), various due diligences for the various external service providers, contractors, consultants used on projects and for supply of products etc.


Leadership Behavioural Competencies

  • Develop standards / procedures
  • Corporate Governance SHE Due Diligence Advanced
  • One-Sasol mindset
  • Shapes business strategy
  • Business acumen
  • Role models customer focus
  • Builds partnerships
  • Develops self


Functional Competencies

  • Safety, Security, Health, and Environmental technical proficiency and management capability
  • Facilitate Managegement of Change, change management and  potential deviation analyses
  • Lead and Faciltate risk assessment and control effectiveness determination
  • Enable and Facilitate Safety Leadership and Management Committment
  • SHE / HSE Due Diligence of Partners, Service Provides and Contractors
  • Develop standards / procedures
  • Corporate Governance SHE Due Diligence



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Operating Entity: OBU: Exploration & Production International (E&PI)

Location: Mozambique

Closing date:  2nd November 2017


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