Specialist Artisan Electrical

Specialist Artisan Electrical
Specialist Artisan Electrical

31 janeiro, 2019

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About the role/ Purpose of the job

Supports production by providing effective equipment maintenance and reliability while adhering to procedures / codes, and utilizing all available support resources to increase stability and maintain sustainability of the plant old career guide.

Functional outputs

  • Maintain electric equipment, overhaul or replace lighting distribution panels and grounding systems;
  • Overhaul/replace supply and distribution components, write draft electrical supply and distribution maintenance procedures, Make recommendations on maintenance procedures, Conduct Complex faulting on Electrical supply and Distribution systems;
  • Contribute to electrical work procedures and tasks, recommend and select electrical personal protective equipment and conduct safety related inspection of electrical installations;
  • Perform inspections associated with an assured equipment grounding program, participate in maintaining electrical motors, and participate in maintaining motor protection controls and maintaining Electrical drives;
  • Participate in maintaining switchgear, conduct process switching (equipment isolation) and conduct inspections;
  • Maintain electrical motors, protection controls and Electrical drives;
  • Write draft electrical motor, protection control and Electrical drive maintenance procedures;
  • Participate in the maintenance of electrical controls;
  • Maintain DC systems, conduct fault finding on DC systems and write draft Electrical DC Systems maintenance procedures.

Job requirements

  • This role is for Mozambican nationals only;
  • Interested female candidates are encouraged to apply.


  • NQF 4 Occupational;
  • NQF 4 Vocational;
  • Specialist Artisan competency.


  • Maintain VSD Systems;
  • Complete workshop building electrical surveys;
  • Write draft workshop building electrical maintenance procedures;
  • Conduct inspections on classified equipment and logging of deviations;
  • Conduct repairs and replacements on classified equipment.

Key competencies required


  • Demonstrates commercial acumen, a global mind-set and exercises sound judgement;
  •  Achieves results through others and holds them accountable.

Functional / Technical

  • Job has controlling impact on end results, or exercises direct control over resources used;
  • Job has joint or shared control with another/ others (except own superior or subordinates);
  • Job has direct accountability for end results but cannot exercise direct control over resources used to achieve the end result;
  • Job provides interpretive, advisory or facilitating services for use by others to achieve results, generally found in staff or support functions;
  • Provision of information, record-keeping or incidental services for use by others;
  • Job activity may be complex but typically takes place after the event as a result cannot impact on the action that was taken;
  • Fluent in English and Portuguese.

Other requirements:

  • This role is for Mozambican nationals only;
  • Interested female candidates are encouraged to apply.


Apply For This Job

To apply for this job please visit career5.successfactors.eu.

Expiration date: February 13, 2019



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