Specialist: CI/CD Automation
Specialist: CI/CD Automation

11 dezembro, 2019

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Role purpose:We are looking for a capable individual who will be seating at the epicenter of the Software Release. The idea behind this position is to enable more frequent software releases by automating code build, packaging and deployment, from web applications to mobile apps. It starts from creating the pipelines, monitoring, maintaining and ensuring that the tools those pipelines will be relying on have appropriate licenses to deal with the existing demand. 

Key accountabilities and decision ownership:

  • Development of Automated Build and deployment pipelines targeting multiple environments (Development, Staging, Production);
  • Ensure code coverage report exportation as of the CI/CD pipelines;
  • Ensure Notification of relevant stakeholders as part of the CI/CD Pipelines via Email and Instant Messaging;
  • Capacity planning of toolset used for CI/CD Automation;
  • Integration of System-Testing suites into CI/CD Pipelines;
  • Integration of Software security checks into CI/CD Pipelines;
  • Collaborate with Release Manager to adjust CD Pipelines to Conform to Software Release process;
  • Ensure that static code analysis takes place as part of CI/CD Pipelines;
  • Continuously Evaluate current CI/CD procedures and Implement tools and practices to increase efficiency and repeatability;
  • Monitor CI/CD pipelines execution in terms of stability and performance.

Core competencies, knowledge and experience:

  • Powershell and Bash scripting;
  • Docker Container Images packaging;
  • Deployment of applications into Kubernetes Clusters;
  • Definition of Kubernetes secrets and config maps;
  • Gitlab Pipelines;
  • Experience in consuming/Invoking REST-APIs using scripts;
  • Experience of Git Source-control foundations – commits, branches and merges;
  • Java artifacts building, packaging and deployment using Maven (mvn);
  • Building and packaging Android applications using Gradlle.

Must have technical / professional qualifications:

  • Good understanding of multiple forms of software testing throughout the entire SDLC;
  • Experience in Robot framework, someone who has already built automation framework;
  • Ability to work across product organizations on inter-area projects, help identify the critical paths of components, and resolve dependencies.

Location: Edificio Vodacom Rua dos Desportistas, Numero 649  Maputo 

Job Type: Full-time.

Employment Type: Permanent.


Closing Date: 20-Dec-19, 1:59:00 PM

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