Team Leader: Packaging (PET)

Team Leader: Packaging (PET)
Team Leader: Packaging (PET)

6 maio, 2020

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Job Description

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa is the largest African Coca-Cola bottler, accounting for 40% of all Coca-Cola volumes on the continent. CCBA is a market leader in the NARTD (non-alcoholic ready to drink market) in Africa. We have a challenging opportunity for a suitably qualified and experienced applicant for the position of Team Leader Packaging (PET Line).

Key Purpose Statement

The primary role of the team leader packaging is to lead the SBU in the execution of the production plan, ensuring that product meets all quality specifications, asset care through autonomous maintenance tasks and the resolution of production problems. Within each work practice, the team leader is responsible for.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

People practices

  • Coach team members in the correct execution of their tasks (operational and technical). Check and ensure that team members monitor process input and outputs in order to obtain the desired results Check and ensure that team members carry out required quality checks and that the information is recorded on the appropriate systems;
  • Develop team members and ensure that training needs are identified and closed out via one-on-one’s and performance reviews;
  • Drives performance management practices (e.g. Performance Management Way – leading the development of team goals and carrying out team meetings and team goal review sessions Manage human resource availability, leave and resource deployment Drive team member development To drive WCM initiatives on own shift Communicates work practice deployment plans and ensures team buy-in Coaches team members on work practice Implementation Coaches team members situational problem solving Ensures that team members implement and adhere to divisional standards Conducts work practice maturity assessments and/or line walkabouts for own shift to ensure that best practices are being applied correctly and are entrenched.

Benchmarking best practice (internally)

Opportunities identified and implemented

Operating and Process Control

  • Ensuring that team members understand and adhere to the operational, quality and process standards, work instructions and maintenance schedules, work practice deployment plans and performance target;
  • Review and sign off of shift performance (QCDSM) and ensuring that all required administrative tasks in support of the production team are carried out. Manage immediate material availability needs Decide on course of action to resolve problems where production problems have been escalated Identify the need for updating of work instructions and ensure resources are made available to do the update Ensure safety and housekeeping standards are adhered to Maintenance of Plant and Equipment Check that the team members, carry out required autonomous maintenance tasks and any required running repairs on shift in accordance with work instructions and maintenance schedules Ensure that the process artisan carries out repairs on shift and coaches the team members on autonomous maintenance activities and carries out work in support of the maintenance specialists;
  • Participates in maintenance planning meetings to highlights maintenance problems requiring attention. Communicate the maintenance plan to team members Ensures that the line is ready for maintenance and that it starts up on time post maintenance Plan the allocation of team members to specific autonomous maintenance tasks Initiate the creation of emergency works orders and provide input into the completion thereof Ensure that the process artisan takes part in maintenance and cleaning days in support of maintenance specialist and takes part in maintenance post mortems;
  • Where maintenance issues have been escalated to the team leader, the team leader with the brewing technician artisan must provide guidance and call in additional resources if required.

Quality Control and Analysis

Ensure that the team members understand and adhere to quality standards Verifies that team members carry out routine quality checks and analysis according to the work instructions. Carry out quality trend analysis to identify problems and decide on appropriate course of action to resolve issues Ensures that problem solving takes place to identify/rectify the root cause of quality issues Ensures that the appropriate quality information is logged as per schedule (manually and/or electronically).




Communicate team goals and regularly review to ensure team alignment Prepare for the daily shift meeting by reviewing past shift performance and identifying issues for team discussion. Ensure that visual management boards are updated prior shift meetings Lead the daily shift meeting, making use of a standard agenda, and ensuring that team members actively partake. Ensure that issues and opportunities raised during the daily shift meetings are recorded on the gap list for action, and that these actions have accountabilities and due dates assigned. Communicate the production schedule, shift production and overall shift performance and other relevant business information to team members. Conduct an end of shift meeting with the team to communicate production performance, problems, planned schedule and work assignments Conduct a hand-over meeting with incoming shift team leader. Issues to be communicated include process performance, quality, production schedule, problems and issues. Check that hand over procedures are followed (e.g 5S, change parts clean and stored correctly, check sheets completed etc.) and that team members conduct a hand with incoming team members.



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Expiration date:May 15, 2020

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