HSSE & Training Co-ordinator

HSSE & Training Co-ordinator
HSSE & Training Co-ordinator

28 abril, 2021

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The Purpose of the role:

This position reports to the Aviation Business Manager in Mozambique and is part of the Associate Operations management team. The Aviation HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer is responsible for the complete management of all Aviation Operational Training activities throughout the Associate. This includes product storage and handling, into plane operations and routine maintenance training of all equipment.

Critical Requirement: Skill, Experience & Qualification

  • You must have had a minimum of 3 years experience working as an Aviation Fuelling Supervisor.
  • Work experience in a technical field, including on airport work, is an added advantage. The ATHC must have a strong HSSE bias and be capable of setting and applying proper standards.
  • He/she must set an example to all staff at all locations.
  • Code 14 drivers license, or international equivalent will be an advantage.
  • Technical qualification preferable, but other candidates with relevant experience will be considered.
  • Must have Mozambique Nationality

Primary Role Accountabilities:

  • The HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer trains all Air BP Operations staff, dealer staff, agency staff and Logistics Depot staff according to the required Task Breakdowns that are relevant to those specific roles. The HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer ensures that the aspirations of Air BP internationally are met and that all Air BP standards and operating procedures are in place.
  • The HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer visits all Air BP sites and draws up a task inventory of all tasks performed at each site. He/she then identifies which tasks correspond to those in the Air BP Training Manual. Where tasks differ from the Air BP Training Manual, the HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer amends these to make them site specific. Where task breakdowns do not exist, the HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer develops new Task Breakdowns. He/she then does a risk assessment on all tasks and defines Critical Tasks for each site. This procedure is reviewed annually.
  • The HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer identifies training gaps for all airport staff and then develops Training Programmes to suit these specific needs. He/she then physically trains the staff. Where specific skills training is identified outside his competency range, the HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer arranges suitable training with appropriate institutions or individuals.
  • The HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer must be knowledgeable in Air BP, BP Group HSSE standards and Legislated standards (i.e. Occupational Health and Safety Act). The HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer implements all Air BP, Group and Legislated HSSE standards at all Company staffed sites, dealer and agency locations as well as supply-only sites.
  • The HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer manages the Task Observation Programme. The HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer ensures that all supervisory staff are trained in Task Observation procedures and methods. At the Dealer, Agency and Supply only sites the HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer actually does the Task Observation of all staff himself. The HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer implements comprehensive Training Records for all staff and monitors these records regularly to ensure that these are kept current. The Task Observation process for Critical Tasks is bi-annual and annual for all other tasks.
  • The HSSE Co-ordinator/Trainer monitors the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) initiative at all locations. He / she ensures that correct and appropriate PPE is in place. This includes analysing new products, the appropriateness of these products and the roll out of programs to all sites. He/she then monitors this programme for compliance.
  • This role serves as the Mozambique point of contact for the global and regional HSSE networks and takes charge of roll out and implementation of global and regional initiatives in Mozambique.


About BP


We’re gearing up for the future. At bp our goal for C&P is to deliver the future of mobility, energy and services for our customers by innovating with new business models and service platforms.

C&P will become a hub, housing our midstream, lubricants, aviation, sale of chemicals, mobility and ‎convenience, marketing and our next-generation businesses, making it a highly integrated and ‎interconnected organisation. And with safety being our core value, our commitment to safe and reliable operations will never change.

Want to join the team? This means:

* being customer-centric, agile and responsive to changing customer needs and dynamic markets
* focusing on growth and development of customer offers
* optimising the chemicals and fuels value chains to maximise integrated value
* contributing to the reduction of carbon intensity of the products we create, and sell, by 50% by 2050 or sooner
* creating strategic partnerships that drive long-term value for C&P
* being digitally enabled and empowered by customer insights and data to deliver solutions.





Local: Moçambique – Província de Maputo – Maputo

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