Engineering Services Superintendent

Engineering Services Superintendent
Engineering Services Superintendent

9 setembro, 2021

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Semente & Victorino Consulting (“SVC”) is a consulting and strategy firm focused on human capital management and corporate immigration, whose mission is to provide strategic and innovative solutions to clients, with the objective of promoting and facilitating domestic and international operations. In this context, SVC is recruiting an Engineering Services Superintendent for its client, a multinational with mining operations in Nampula Province.



  • Ensuring effective compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management System, policies, procedures, processes, standards, norms in accordance with company guidelines as well as legal and statutory requirements;
  • Ensure that proper management mechanisms (i.e. budget parameters, financial reporting cycles, delegation of authority, etc.) are in place and in line with generally accepted maintenance practices for managing and monitoring mine maintenance activities;
  • Ensure the integrity of maintenance data;
  • Undertake efforts for maintenance operations, decrease response times, optimize processes and work cooperatively and together to implement best practices across the mine;
  • Review the maintenance plan and production plan for specific weekly and monthly maintenance targets;
  • Plan and allocate available resources in order to achieve weekly and monthly maintenance targets;
  • Monitor and measure progress against weekly and monthly maintenance goals;
  • Proactively identify any deviations from weekly and monthly maintenance targets;
  • Resolve, plan and implement any corrective action to realign maintenance efforts;
  • Provide information about the preventive maintenance plan and maintenance forecast for the month;
  • Review the maintenance plan and available equipment and identify the best maintenance schedule;
  • Link with the production function, engineering planning in the maintenance plan and collaboratively develop a preventive maintenance plan;
  • Monitor and measure progress against the routine maintenance plan;
  • Troubleshoot and proactively identify any deviations from the routine maintenance plan;
  • Plan and implement any corrective action to realign maintenance efforts;
  • Provide information about the routine maintenance plan for the month;
  • Plan and guarantee the execution of maintenance in order to guarantee the availability of equipment and resources and minimum downtime;
  • Implement safety awareness and reinforce safety work practices through regular safety, occupational safety training and modeling relevant safety behavior;
  • Monitor an area for potential risks and take steps to prevent and manage the risks;
  • Drive compliance with the company’s Health, Safety and Environment and environmental licensing and permit requirements, implementing practices, standards and transportation;
  • Monitor and follow up on security processes and implemented measures;
  • Initiate and conduct relevant security audits and investigations;
  • Proactively recommend security policy improvements;
  • Balance, manage and control resources in different disciplines through resource plans according to the constraints of annual information cycles, operational specifications and organizational resource plans;
  • Ensure that workers have clear job expectations, goals and objectives;
  • Empower workers and leaders and specialists to achieve operational excellence;
  • Encourage team members to be actively involved in finding and implementing solutions;
  • Ensuring that operational issues are resolved within the appropriate levels of accountability and responsibility for individuals and teams;
  • Effectively manage the performance of employees and create opportunities for them to gain the skills needed for the job;
  • Manage poor performance constructively and decisively according to the specific process;
  • Proactively align the needs of future talent through effective succession planning and capacity building initiatives (ie development, training, mentoring, coaching, etc.) and advise workers on career opportunities and requirements to achieve personal growth;
  • Ensuring that workers are managed in accordance with Kenmare’s human resources plans, policies and procedures (ie leave, pay, disciplinary procedures, etc.);
  • Actively contribute to aligning employees with the organization’s goals and objectives;
  • Manage the maintenance budget considering the costs, risks and potential returns on expenses related to the workforce, materials, equipment, infrastructure and technology;
  • Keep costs within budget constraints for an annual period and minimize expenses;
  • Effectively manage contract/service provider relationships and budgets associated with special projects;
  • Effectively use existing assets to increase operational efficiency;
  • Monitor planned versus actual, analyze results and report on variances as well as profitability.




  • Degree in Mechanical / Electrical Engineering or other relevant areas;
  • At least 5 years’ experience in a Maintenance Supervisory Position;
  • Experience in Mining Operations;
  • Knowledge on On-Key packages (EAMS);



Submit your application by sending your CV in Portuguese and English until the 13th of September 2021

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