A ENH abre novas vagas de emprego nesta terça-feira 09 de Novembro de 2021

A ENH abre novas vagas de emprego nesta terça-feira 09 de Novembro de 2021
A ENH abre novas vagas de emprego nesta terça-feira 09 de Novembro de 2021

9 novembro, 2021

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Creating a Sustainable SME Supply Chain in the Oil and Gas Sector in

Mozambique (LinKar Project)


Project Coordinator – Mozambique




In Mozambique, several mega projects are expected to continue to enhance macroeconomic stability, with higher revenues contributing to fiscal surpluses to buffer external shocks, providing both direct and indirect business opportunities for local companies, especially around multi-sector value chains. Opportunities to upgrade subsistence agriculture into agribusiness, increase electrification through different energy solutions, and foster other industries such as fertilizers and metal-mechanic are expected to arise. On the other hand, State-owned Enterprises (SOE), particularly those in the infrastructure sector, will be well suited to partner with local and international investors on delivering projects.


Part of the African Development Bank (AfDB)’s mandate is to promote inclusive growth, private sector development, youth and gender, skills and technology, as well as the participation of various local SME’s in the value chains of large companies in associated sectors. Through its Fund For African Private Sector Assistance (FAPA) and the Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA), the AfDB recently approved a technical assistance grant for the Government of Mozambique, which will be implemented by the Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH E.P.), the National Oil Company of Mozambique which is the government entity responsible for the exploration, production and commercialization of hydrocarbons in Mozambique. This grant is to enable the launch and implementation for 3 years of ENH’s SME development project called the LinKar Project (“the Project”).


The LinKar project’s core vision is to contribute to economic transformation in Mozambique by stimulating and enabling productive SME linkages with the evolving oil & gas companies to multiply the broader national benefits from the country’s oil & gas investments. The LinKar Project is committed to leveraging Mozambique’s gas resources to drive broader economic growth and create sustainable local jobs.


The African Development Bank (AfDB), through the Fund For African Private Sector Assistance (FAPA) and the Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA) intends to apply part of the proceeds of the financing to procure the services of a full-time individual consultant for the position of Project Coordinator to be based in Maputo, Mozambique (with periodic trips across the country) around the areas where oil and gas projects are taking place.




The primary objective of the assignment is to ensure the timely implementation of the Project activities, the effective coordination of the various interactions and transactions between the Project Implementation Team, the project beneficiaries and the AfDB, FAPA and AFAWA and


the compliance with all the terms and provisions of the Financing Agreement. As such, the assignment is focused on the following:


(i)           Establish an effective operating framework for the LinKar Project, including strategy/ planning process, financial management system that meets AfDB procurement requirements, and a robust monitoring, evaluation and reporting system.

(ii)         Plan, coordinate and monitor the implementation of Project activities;

(iii)         Provide leadership, and technical advice and assistance to the Project Management Unit (PMU), ENH’s Directors, managers and staff and other relevant government officials to ensure timely execution of planned activities toward the achievement of the project development objectives, including fulfilment of the project outputs and outcomes;

(iv)         Supervise and assess the Project Implementation contractors/ staff performance to ensure effective and timely implementation of the project;

(v)          Act as project ambassador, liaising and engaging at a high level regularly with all project stakeholders (Public entities, oil & gas operators/ prime contractors, private sector, donors and others) to establish and ensure continued support and alignment with the Project; and

(vi)         Ensure continued alignment between ENH mandate, objectives and activities and those of the Project.




The Project Coordinator will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the PMU and coordinating all Project activities. He/she shall render the following services:

✓  Based on the project objectives, plan the implementation of the project activities and

obtain the necessary approvals;

✓  Monitor the implementation and progress of project activities to ensure compliance with

the approved plan and budget, and record progress;

✓  Track all project implementation stages by documenting and recording the completion of

the project activities, outputs, and outcomes systematically and ensuring adherence to

planned deadlines. Identify challenges and suggest changes when needed;

✓  Follow up on the implementation of all project activities with relevant parties (beneficiary

SMEs, ENH departments, key stakeholders, consultants, etc.);

✓  Organize strategic activities relevant to the project such as training, Business to Business

(B2B), government to business (G2B), panel discussions and workshops; produce event

summaries and reports;

✓  Oversee and assess the Project Team staff work plan, quality and effectiveness;

✓  Act as project focal person for project issues and communicate with all stakeholders;

✓  Provide the necessary institutional support to ENH in all phases of the project and improve

the institutional capacity to facilitate the delivering of future SME development projects;


✓  Regularly present the status and results of the project to the key stakeholders, including

the presentation of financial reports.




The Project Coordinator shall undertake the following actions in close collaboration with the project assistant coordinator and project team:

✓  Establish  and  manage  the  project  Oversight  Committee  (POC)  and  the  Project

Management Unit (PMU);

✓  Refine the Project objectives and develop the  detailed project scope,  activities and

deliverables, including the logic framework and project indicators baseline;

✓  Revise  the project  schedule,  procurement  needs,  work  plan and  ensure  that  agreed

deadlines and technical assistance (TA) activities are implemented in compliance with the


project development objectives toward achieving the project outcomes and outputs as stated in TAR (Technical Assistance Request);

✓  Coordinate and prepare quarterly project reports, which shall include the project financial

budget execution;

✓  Coordinate and revise the TORs to ensure consistency;

✓  Coordinate with the Procurement Specialist the procurement of the various advisory

services  and  training,  from  TORs  to  tender  evaluation,  contract  negotiations  and

monitoring the deliverables accordingly;

✓  Review all reports and documents produced by the PMU staff and various consultants, to

conduct quality checks before transmitting to ENH and the Bank;

✓  Review evaluation reports throughout procurement processes to ensure compliance with

the Bank guidelines before transmission to the Bank;

✓  Advise on and conduct contracts negotiations, in accordance with the relevant guidelines;

✓  Coordinate the consultants’ activities, to ensure timely submission of quality deliverables,

while  maintaining  good  communication  with  and  between  the  consultants  and

beneficiaries to ensure that the project objectives, outputs and outcomes are achieved;

✓  Coordinate, advise on and provide on-the-job training to PMU staff and ENH focal points

throughout  project  implementation.  The  Project  Coordinator  must  ensure  adequate

guidance is provided and ensure that knowledge is transferred correctly to PMU staff and ENH focal points throughout the Technical Assistance implementation process to allow them to carry out their daily activities in the most efficient and timely manner;

✓  Liaise and coordinate with the beneficiaries and donors, gathering information from the

relevant ministries and other key stakeholders especially the ones in charge of local

content development to avoid overlapping activities;

✓  Undertake any activities and/or reviews related to the project, whenever required or


✓  Monitor  the  special  account  spending  and  timely  submission  of  justifications,  in

accordance with the relevant guidelines;

✓  Provide the necessary project data in the various platforms as required by the Institution;


✓  Ensure the transfer of knowledge to ENH staff.




The Project Coordinator should have the qualifications described below and experience in managing projects aimed at developing small and medium enterprises. The individual consultant for the Project Coordinator position should possess:


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Development Economics, Engineering, Business Management, or any relevant field. A Master of Business Administration or similar qualification is a plus. (Weight: 30%);
  • A minimum of five (5) years of experience working in private sector development and three years of experience working on local content and small and medium enterprise development and experience in capacity building projects in the Africa region, preferably in sub-Saharan Africa. (Weight: 40%);
  • Good knowledge of the oil & gas sector, and at least one of the LinKar target sectors:

construction,  manufacturing,  transport  &  logistics,  hospitality,  agriculture.  (Weight:


  • At least three (3) years of experience in managing development projects. Experience working on projects financed by the African Development Bank or donor agencies will be considered an advantage. (Weight: 10%); and
  • Working knowledge of Portuguese and English is a requirement. (Weight: 10%).






The Project Coordinator will be engaged on a full-time basis, with an initial contract of two (2) years with the possibility of extension for additional 6-12 months or more, subject to satisfactory performance.




The Project Coordinator shall submit monthly, and Quarterly Progress Reports, which shall include the financial project execution, in the English and Portuguese languages on the implementation of the Project activities, including but not limited to:

✓  A monthly schedule presenting milestones planned and achieved;

✓  Monthly  IPR  (Implementation  Progress  Report)  on  progress  toward  achieving  the

project’s outputs and outcomes defined in the Logical Framework;

✓  A quarterly Report assessing the project implementation status along with issues and

suggested solutions to accelerate project implementation, if needed;

✓  TORs as needed for specific project activities; and

✓  Other relevant reports in the context of project management and implementation.






Subject: LinKar Project Project Coordinator

Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH E.P.):



Mrs. Rosa Munguambe – Email:  rosa.munguambe@enh.co.mz


For information only, please CC’: African Development Bank:

Mário J. Gomes – Principal Advisory Services Officer. Email:  m.gomes@afdb.org



All the candidates should submit via email only their CV plus a cover letter, by November 30,

2021, to the following email contacts:

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