Engineering Draftsman Mechanical Eng

Engineering Draftsman Mechanical Eng
Engineering Draftsman Mechanical Eng

2 junho, 2022

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This role will be responsible to provide specialist advice and executes tasks associated with ensuring a robust change control and document management process exists and is followed in the Operation, to enable the accurate maintenance of the Operation’s blue print, reflecting any approved modifications of its plant, equipment and infrastructure. This role is responsible for governance of the asset management (audits and monitor compliance to action close out as result on integrity audits done on the assets).


  • Comply with defined engineering governance processes and other relevant business processes.
  • Ensure that material risks are identified, and related critical controls are implemented and are effective.
  • Govern and control all technical documentation for the operation.
  • Provide stewardship to ensure that engineering standards and specifications are kept and updated.
  • Ensure that all changes done to organizational structure, facilities, equipment, systems and processes or any other work-related changes are assessed via Mozal management of change process.
  • Maintain systems that ensure accurate as-built blueprint and the management of change.
  • Maintain and issue current and accurate engineering standards, specifications, procedures and drawings for the specific area in line with associated document management standards.
  • Issue and accept technical documentation for the Operation to the projects as per a defined scope.
  • Provide technical expertise on the blueprint, including validate blueprints resulting from the projects.
  • Ensure that records related to the changes are monitored, reviewed and up to date.
  • Ensure the projected lives of critical equipment are achieved without major failure (as a result of structural, mechanical or control system failure) while delivering planned asset performance.
  • Prevent catastrophic failure of assets and structures which could result in extended equipment downtime, reduced asset life span or personnel injury or fatalities.
  • Provide engineering standards and specifications for all engineering projects.
  • Review management of changes for changes done in the plant.
  • Provide technical assistance to employees to read and interpret drawings.



Engineering degree (Mechanical) with 3 years’ experience, advanced knowledge of change management methodologies, able to conduct compliance audits and overview of Asset Management (ISO 55000), able to interpret and read technical drawings, able to take firm action on sub-standard performance, knowledge of basic project management principles, general knowledge of other subjects (mechanical, electrical, Civil and Automation).




Applications close on the 03 June 2022


Mozal, the employer of choice!

Location: Maputo

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